Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Go Ahead--Rip My Heart Out.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gramma has a problem. She gets emotionally attached to her treasures.
You understand, I’m sure. I’m out on a thrifting trip, and I unearth something amazing. And even better, the price is amazing. That instinctive “hunter-gatherer” hormone kicks in and I buy it. I buy it because I know I can offer it to you in Gramma’s Linen Closet and make a little of that “pin money.” I buy it because it’s amazing and I love it. And I buy it because it’s just such a thrill to have found it and then to know that I OWN it. I guess we all have a little hoarder hiding inside, don’t we?

But the Linen Closet is only so big. And I can only use so much for myself. So I know I have to put it out there on Ebay or in my Etsy Store. And that means someone else is going to buy it (because their shopping hormone kicks in too!) and then I’ll have to box it up and send it away. There are times when I’m actually grieving when I send off a package.

It happened this weekend. A wonderful quilt I had found at an auction went to a new home. I loved that quilt. I photographed it on the bed in the guest room and it looked so nice. But I had three other quilts on that bed (all made by my grandmother), and I didn’t need another one. So it’s on its way to a new home, and I will miss it.

I would be TERRIBLE at fostering shelter dogs. I would never want to let them go. Right now, my favorite "strays" are a set of 7 wonderful Mid-Century Modern Blendo glasses in yummy pastel colors (OK, so one of them is missing--that's what made them a stray in the first place, I'm guessing).

Head over to my Etsy store or my Ebay auctions and find something you like. Go ahead—rip my heart out.


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