Saturday, May 25, 2013

When things don't go as you expected...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes things just don't go as you expected. Such was our adventure out to the flea market today.

It's sort of a rule: I usually find more vintage treasure at the flea markets than I do at the antique mall. Of course, the antique mall has lots of wonderful things, but they are usually at "La dee Dah" prices, and not "Dirty Box Lot" prices.

So Dear David and I set out at the crack of dawn this morning for Saturday's Market in Central Pennsylvania. Located at a defunct discount department store building, the inside includes regular vendors with booths, along with fresh produce, Amish baked goods (OMG, the smells are wonderful) and the occasional stand selling replacement gutters or carpet remnants. 

Outside in the parking lot is space for the day vendors with their tables full of sunglasses, socks (who on earth BUYS all these socks and sunglasses?), garage sale leftovers, flowers, used children's toys, obsolete computers and electronics, and rusty tools. 

We start outside. 

And here is where things don't go as expected. I did find a small box of gorgeous Irish linen damask tablecloths. Two of them with their 1940s paper labels, unused. On the ground. Next to the aforementioned rusty tools. At a very agreeable price.

But we really didn't find much else, particularly given that both our sock drawers are already pretty full.

So, we headed over to a large antique mall we hadn't visited in a while. 

And hit the vintage linens jackpot.

We found some great tablecloths, a Bates double sized bedspread, and some other goodies!

Sometimes you just have to leave yourself open to the possibilities!


Barbara said...

That is quite a pile of linens you got yourself! Glad you were ready to be flexible and jump to Plan B!

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