Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's Get Started!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
It's a real struggle I have: everywhere I turn, there are fabulous vintage tablecloths and textiles, and I want to buy them all! The closet is full, and I could work 24 hours a day making things, and still have fabric left. I am a firm believer in that saying, "She who dies with the most fabric, WINS!"

But I've been trying to restrain myself. However, every now and then, the little "Ebay" app on my iPhone calls to me, and I do a quick search on "vintage tablecloths." This last time, I searched for "cutters." Cutters are tablecloths, quilts, or other linens that have stains, or tears, or holes, and can't really be used for their original purpose. They are suitable for cutting, hence their name. Yesterday I received the awaited box in the mail--a group of seven "cutters" that I got cheap. I opened up the box, and was immediately assaulted with the smell of cigarette smoke. Yuck! Fortunately, after taking them directly to the laundry room, a soak in some Oxyclean, and then a trip through a hot water wash, left them smelling just fine. To be extra safe (and because I just really love to do it), I hung them outside in the hot sunshine to dry. Overall, I'm pleased. Some holes, some stains, but some very usable tablecloths. My favorite is the bright Mexican theme one second from the back.

See anything you'd like me to make a purse or a skirt out of for YOU?


jEaN said...

Beautiful! I like the red checkered one!

Applesauce Inn Bed and Breakfast-Bellaire, MI said...

I own a B&B in Northern Michigan...and I just love vintage table cloths and pillow cases! So I do know how you feel! I use them everyday! New follower! Hope you will stop and say hello!

your Innkeeper~Jamie

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